The Man From Mycenae

"The Greek pantheon roared out of the Lion Gate of Mycenae ..." That is from an paper I did for a class some years ago when I was writing about the submergence of the Great Goddess into the male-dominated pantheon of the Greeks. A bit hyperbolic, perhaps, but I still like the image. When I was in Greece a few years ago, I wanted to visit Mycenae, but it lay across the Gulf of Corinth and bus schedules vs. my remaining time in-country did not correlate. Read more about The Man From Mycenae

Watercolor City

My first view of Venice. How was I to know I would fall in love? I spent less than 24 hours here. So why is it that I watch everything I can get my hands on that promises another glimpse of this city? I feel like the woman at the party who keeps watching the door to see if *that guy* is going to show up. Watercolor City.jpg Read more about Watercolor City