It's Thankful Week.

There's lots of talk going around these days about American Exceptionalism. I agree we are exceptional. So is everyone else. The tiny list below betrays my own limitations - I have no idea of what makes Azerbaijan exceptional - but I do know that American Exceptionalism is composed of bits and pieces of all of these and more:

Shakespeare=English exceptionalism
Brie=French exceptionalism
Curry=Indian exceptionalism
Bach=German exceptionalism
Tango=Argentinian exceptionalism
Vodka=Russian exceptionalism
Fireworks=Chinese exceptionalism
Cigars=Cuban exceptionalism
Pyramids=Egyptian exceptionalism
Ski-jumping=Finnish exceptionalism
Moussaka=Greek exceptionalism
Goulash=Hungarian exceptionalism
Guinness=Irish exceptionalism
Venice=Italian exceptionalism
Reggae=Jamaican exceptionalism
Petra=Jordanian exceptionalism
Running=Kenyan exceptionalism
Lemurs=Madagascan exceptionalism
Sherpas=Nepalese exceptionalism
Canals=Nederlandish exceptionalism
Vampires=Romanian exceptionalism
Flamenco=Spanish exceptionalism
Watches and knives=Swiss exceptionalism
Delight=Turkish exceptionalism