Between Cliffs and Channel


A cloud of blue butterflies hovered just beyond the Astra's bonnet. Beyond them rose the famous White Cliffs. This was a day for fresh air and blue skies. No ghosts allowed. The conversation with her mother already sounded like something she's made up. Sophie clicked a picture of the cliffs, locked the car and went to investigate a nearby information kiosk. Read more about Between Cliffs and Channel

Jeremy Bentham

I went to England for the first time on a school trip in 1979, accompanied by two of my favorite professors. I was a bit older than the average student at the time, and had the privilege of hanging out with the professorial babysitters from time to time. One of my favorite excursions with them was the hunt for Jeremy Bentham. Read more about Jeremy Bentham

Statues of London

It's always worthwhile to peek around the corners in London. I peeked around the corner of Westminster Palace (Parliament) and found Emmeline Pankhurst. Of course, I think her statue should be handcuffed to the iron gates that surround Westminster, reminding us all of what women went through to gain suffrage. You do not put Emmeline in a corner! Read more about Statues of London