Celeborn the Wise, husband of Galadriel, is given short shrift both in Tolkien’s original text and in Peter Jackson’s movie. Even worse, Marton Csokas’ Celeborn, of the movie, intones his line/s like a stone statue and appears about as interesting as a bowl of vanilla pudding. Moviedom’s version of “wise,” I suppose. Read more about Celeborn


A Walk in the Park

A Fairy Tale

“Oh, dammit all to …” Adriana Mercer wished she had a typewriter instead of a laptop. Deleting wasn’t nearly good enough for the romantic tripe she had just spent a tortuous hour composing. She wanted to rip it out of the machine, crush it into a spiky ball, and toss it on top of the heap in the circular file, just as she had imagined countless other authors doing with countless other first drafts of their work.

Adriana Mercer wanted to be a writer. Read more about A Walk in the Park