Varieties of Diversion

In any other era, we might be burning the witches who brought the plague, expelling the Jews who poisoned the wells, or clearing the miasma. This last theory – that bad air brought disease – was not dispelled until 1880 or so, replaced by the germ theory, but it was probably the most salubrious, not to mention humane, of them all.

In the 21st Century Covid-19 pandemic, however, we have mostly been left to our own devices – and thank all the powers that be, we have plenty of devices. Read more about Varieties of Diversion


Becoming Europe

“The Bulgarians had actually oscillated quite markedly over the years from enthusiastic pro-Germanism to ultra-Slavophilism. Neither served them well. As a local commentator remarked at the time, Bulgaria always chooses the wrong card … and slams it on the table!" Read more about Becoming Europe



Yeah, *that* Kissinger. Good old Henry himself.

Why, you may ask, is a 70-something hippie/deadhead/pagan/Democrat devoting a page of her website to the demon of 20th Century foreign policy?

Curiosity. That’s why. Read more about Kissinger


Crossing the River

The President glanced up from his phone.

“What the fuck’s going on? Why aren’t we moving?”

“Apparently there’s a protest or something going on. The Secret Service has it in hand. Do you want me to check personally, sir?”

“Yes. Wait. No. I’m gonna go straighten this out right now. Who the fuck do they think they are, blocking the President’s motorcade? I just wanna get this Arlington bullshit over with.” Read more about Crossing the River


What Happened

Over the summer I finished reading Hillary Clinton’s What Happened. You’ll notice there is no question mark. It is a simple statement. Hillary knows damned well what happened. This book is her attempt to explain it all to us. From her point of view. Which is valid and instructive and heart-wrenching in many different ways. But over the years I’ve come to believe that given what she was up against, there were very few and narrow paths to electoral college victory. Read more about What Happened


Prairie Fires

Prairie Fires

I am one of the millions of women who grew up with the Little House Books, the ethics of which likely had a larger impact on me than my mother’s strictures. So that, right there, suggests the best advice I have for young parents everywhere: look for the books that your child will love and when they are grown they will not depart from them. Read more about Prairie Fires


A Writer's Journal

Once Upon a New Year's Day

Acquiring habits:

Well, the first habit to acquire is the habit of writing. To follow Steven’s command at the outset of this journal and write it all – the real and the imaginary. Write descriptions, conversations, character sketches, imagination, ruminations. Find the means of expression. Perhaps my first and foremost resolution, then, is to become a writer.

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