The Consolation of Galadriel

You can pick up the damndest tidbits just driving around in the car, as I was doing this morning listening to a lecture from The Great Courses on Boethius and The Consolation of Philosophy (Oxford World's Classics) . The lecturer was going on about the concept of consolation at work in this, that and the other work of Great Lit and I was nodding along (but not off) when my ears pricked up.

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On the Other Left Bank

Kicking off election week, I decided to post another bookstore review from the turn of the century. I am proud to have helped procure some funds from the Grateful Dead's Rex Foundation for Books to Prisoners - I've got the t-shirt to prove it.

Left Bank Books

Inventory: Radical politics, anti-authoritarian, independent, left-wing, small press

Left Bank Books is probably best described by their own hand-out sheet.

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The Danger of Dystopia

I came of age in the Eisenhower/Kennedy era, when the future, even threatened by a nuclear shadow, was also bright with possibility and, with Kennedy's promise to take us to the Moon, alive with adventure.

Into the 60's and 70's, I remained convinced better days were ahead. Star Trek promised us a future without racism, a future that fused science and nature in harmonic symbiosis, a future in which not only different peoples of the earth but also aliens worked together for the good of all. Read more about The Danger of Dystopia