Home Alone

It's cloudy this morning. Cool. Green. Red and white twinkle lights left over from the summer parties are still plugged in. There's a lavender and gold play castle sitting in the garden house window. That's left over from a party - a year or two ago? A rusty iron dragonfly is leaning against the blue-needled white pine, both temporarily bereft of the variety of juncos and chickadees that will soon be here. I know this, because I just refilled the suet feeders, hoping to lure the first waves of the winter people.

Gray squirrels are quarreling. I threw out corn and peanuts and sunflower seeds for them and the bigger birds. One squirrel, however, seems to want it all. There are squirrel muggings going on right under my nose. A midnight blue jay flies in and takes what he wants. He doesn't give a damn about the squirrels. He's far more handsome and can rise to much greater heights.