1425–75; late Middle English peregrinacioun (< Middle French peregrinacion ) < Latin peregrīnātiōn- (stem of peregrīnātiō ) a traveling abroad. See peregrinate, -ion

1, 2. trip, excursion, expedition.

I hate to travel. But I love being there.

When I was about five, I wanted to go to Africa. I was a small Lutheran child in a small Lutheran town in Iowa. Lutheran missionaries came through now and again with slides and tall tales and I thought being a missionary in Africa would be a fine thing. I wanted to civilize natives. By the time I was old enough to read Tarzan, I was well over the missionary fling, but I still wanted to go to Africa. Now I wanted to befriend gorillas and ride zebras. And far from wanting to civilize the natives, I wanted to go native.

I haven’t made it to Africa. But I’m not dead yet.

In the meantime, the places I have made it to have had more to do with civilizing me than the other way around.

Further down (or up, as the case may be) I’ll talk about some of these places one by one. For now, here’s a site with some pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. You won’t look at all of them today – or even tomorrow – but maybe, if you stick with me, you’ll see more of them than you had intended. Peregrinations.