The Long Goodbye

I went to the Soup Party on Saturday Night. I’ve been going to this Christmas season kick-off party for years now, and generally I show up with a steaming pot of lentil soup with Polish kielbasa. Generally, I’m dressed to the nines – well, maybe the sevens. My one seasonal holiday outfit – green velveteen pants and pullover with a festive trim. This year I went in gray sweat pants, my “Winter is Coming” tee, and the festive touch of a red corduroy shirt from L.L. Bean. It had been a long day, but I had to go.

It was my last Soup Party.

I’m leaving Seattle, after 31.5 years, at the end of May 2017. The Soup Party was my first goodbye.

Joan’s caroling party will be the next one, then Christmas Eve at St. Mark’s. On New Year’s Eve, I’ll go back to St. Mark’s to walk the labyrinth and then come back home to begin the yearly viewing of Lord of the Rings.

So much for tradition.

The first week of January, I’ll give my landlord notice and begin making lists. I have 5 months to pack up this house, decide what to bring, what to leave, what to give away. The OCD organizer in me is looking forward to it.

The friend is not looking forward to saying goodbye.