Polis. The word means "city" in Greek. It also refers to the citizens of the city. And when we're talking city here, we're talking city-state. So the polis is both place and people.

It is also the root word for politic. Politics. Political. Politicians.

Politics is the means by which the people decide how they wish to live in their city - um, city-state - er, country. And whenever someone takes part in making those decisions, they are, ipso facto, a politician. Read more about Polis


Political Snippets

I have to offer here three little snippets from my Facebook page only because I have a lot of editing to do today and no time to think up anything fresh. So here 'tis.

My debt ceiling/deficit solution: (a) let elapse the Bush tax cuts on the richiest rich - I'd compromise on a mil and up; (b) raise the taxable maximum on Social Security; and (that's *and*, not *or*) (c) pass a new regulation stipulating that Medicare coverage be denied to "tenmillionaires" unless their annual medical bills exceed 1/10 of their annual income. Read more about Political Snippets