Depression or Ennui?

I got a call from a friend of mine this weekend that touched a chord with me. She recently turned 60, her mother just died, her daughter may have found someone with whom to share a life, and she has permanently resigned a volunteer position she has held, with distinction, for many, many years.

Last weekend she held a huge yard sale, offering up not only items from her mother's life but long-held items from her own. And she was feeling iffy about it. This year, for her, seems to be a year of letting go of things. But she isn't yet certain if there will be something to take their place. Read more about Depression or Ennui?

A Dream of Peonies

There are few things I miss about Midwestern weather. And given this summer, I blow the earth of Seattle a kiss each morning as I greet another day that will, perhaps, rise to somewhere in the mid-70's.

But there are, actually, a few things I do miss. I miss towering thunderstorms (sans tornadoes). I miss sultry summer nights, when the heat of the day lingers in a light sheen of soft moisture on one's skin. I miss peonies. Read more about A Dream of Peonies

The Zen of Parties

"The party in the house reached her ears as a chorus of incoherent conversations, supported by a solidifying stratum of rock music which gathered everyone there – all the different shapes and sizes and colors and personalities – into one dance. The many-layered music wove its web of rhythm and the crowd moved with it, choreographing themselves into a party that was a dance or a dance that was a party. Read more about The Zen of Parties

Happy Birthday, Jerry!

It's Jerry Garcia's 69th birthday, a number which doesn't mean nearly as much to me as it once might have done. I mean, I don't know if most 69-year-olds celebrate the occasion with a stab at the old switcheroo. But then again, I live alone. What do I know? Jerry probably would have given it a shot. Read more about Happy Birthday, Jerry!

C'est moi!

Pardon my French. Hi there. My name is Barbara Stoner and this is my Bookhouse. In case that sounds familiar to any of you, [amazon 9990409455 inline] is the name of a series of children’s books edited by Olive Beaupre Miller, first published in the 1920’s. My set was printed in 1958, when I was 15, which doesn’t seem right because somehow I remember devouring all of them, one after the other. I probably did. Even “In The Nursery.” Where else can you find a copy of “Wynken, Blynken and Nod” these days? Read more about C'est moi!